Information Update

October 2022

The Following Guidelines Are Based Upon the Most Current COVID Statistics in St. Charles County as Well as Compliance with The Most Current Guidelines from C. M.S.  Guidelines may be subject to change based upon C.M.S. Guidelines and County Statistics.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for residents and loved ones to spend quality time together within the center, or outside if the weather is accommodating.

These are as follows:

  1. All visitors will continue to be screened at the reception area upon arrival.
  2. Visitors and residents must wear surgical masks within the center.
  3. Visitors are welcome to participate in select group events such as religious ceremonies and specific resident/family events occurring outside. Smaller family gatherings may be arranged with Missy Wilmes and there will be no age limit as long as they do not occur in direct resident care areas. Masks and social distancing must be included in the process.
  4. Children aged 12 years and older may visit a resident in their room as long as appropriate masks are in place. We will continue to limit the number of visitors in a resident room to two, due to safety precautions.  Walking the halls, sitting in the dining room, and utilizing the drink dispenser are still prohibited but the “Garden Rooms”, at the end of the short hallways, may be utilized.  There is not a specific limit to visitors in these areas, but space is somewhat limited, and visits are limited to a maximum of two hours to accommodate other visitors.
  5. Any visitors currently positive for COVID, or demonstrating symptoms, should refrain from visiting which is consistent with C.M.S. guidelines and facility policy
  6. Screening for various contractors will be maintained as currently in place.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s continued cooperation as we all focus on the health of those entrusted to our care and will continue to explore additional opportunities to spend time with your loved ones.