Due to the current high positivity rate we are experiencing in St. Charles County, Abbey Senior Health has instituted the following:

All contractors must be tested every time they come into the facility to work with the SNF residents regardless of vaccination status.  Any non-compliance will result in them not being allowed back into the facility.

Residents leaving the facility for hospitals, off campus parties, visits, etc.. and ALL new admissions, regardless of vaccination status….will need to be quarantined.  They will be tested when they return/admit.  Tested on Day 4.  And tested on Day 8. If Day 8 still produces a negative COVID test, they will be off quarantine at that time.  The only exception to this is a doctors visit ONLY.  If the doctors visit involves an outing for lunch, shopping, etc..  They will need to quarantine.

Visitors coming in MUST provide their vaccination card in order to visit on the floors.  If they say they are vaccinated, but do not have their card, they will need to set up a visit thru Missy for the visitation room until they are able to provide reception with a copy of their card.

Visitors visiting in the visitation room must wear their masks until they are seated in the room, at that time, they may take their mask off for the duration of the visit.  The doors inside the visiting room are to remain closed at all times.  They will need to put their masks back on until they leave the building.